How?(Course of action)


Adding value to the changes generated by the fundings of multilateral organisms of credit

How? (Course of action):

Multilateral Advisory Services develops its activities through the communion of two big flows of services:

  • Its own services that emerge from its stockholders and in-company professional's services. They all have a big amount of documentation, that belong to manuals, policies, models and antecedents of the credit multilateral organisms projects and analysis of key factors of succes, standards for the impact evaluation, catalogues of learnt lessons, etc.
  • The ones pertaining to the Multilateral Net. It is a similar system to the one belonging to the international consulting firms, where each member holds his/her legal status, but is bound to render services for "Multilateral", within the methodological parameters that he/she agrees to when he/she in incorpoeated to the net and than in all cases, involves the work supervision by a permantent professional from Multilateral Advisory Services S.A