What?(The reason of being)


Adding value to the changes generated by the fundings of multilateral organisms of credit

What? (The reason of being):

Multilateral Advisory Services was born out of the legal transformation of Rodriguez Rodríguez & Partners into a private company. The new consulting firm is mainly established to provide added value solutions to excutors potential bidders in acquisitions with financial aids from institutions as well as to render solutions to the multilateral Organisms in the sphere of design, development, implementation and control of projects that involve the special area that has made the President of the company, Dr Ernesto M. Rodríguez, renowned for many years and that are related to the Management Control Systems and Information Technology applied to management areas.

Observation through endless tasks has enabled us to notice that both areas, with greater influence on information technology topics, are a complex item to slove in many projects financed by the multilateral organisms. The organisms were not orginally set up to finance projects on computing or management updating, reason why most of their officer's background does not specifically correspond to these areas, thus being the the specialized support a relevant factor in the succes of the projects.

Executors, at the same time, tend to believe that there is a partial knowledge based on the use of a unique type of technology, to which is added the pressure from the suppliers to maintain their customers. Furthermore, the rhythm in which technolgical changes and the associated management control tools take place, make this topic a matter to which a hard technical updating criterion must be applied in order to be aware of the vast number of new possibilities that are offered every day and that allow to reach a wider range of aspects at lower costs.

On the other hand, in most cases, corporations that are willing to participate in the acquistion processes of these programs do not have the knowledge of the regulations that rule such processes and may be disqualified due to facts that are not typical of contracts held by the private sector, thus, we infer that the revision made by professionals with specific experience may be the ultimate elemnt for the success before the posibility to compete.

The ejecuting periods of these projects are usually long, it is thus very common that during the therm of their execution, they need to be modified, improved or adapted. It turns out to be highly improbable to obtain without at advice of an expert prosffesional and without trading associated to brands or certain technologies.

Furthermore, in the decentralized projects it has been observed a sgnificant lack of support to the subagents that must solve technological facts without any expertise at all. This leads them to commit permanent mistakes in the selection of the adequate choices. This could easily be solved if the central executor hired a specialized and independent company that could provide accurate support both for the selection of alternatives and acquisition processes, and for the different offer evaluation and delivered material checking out stages.

The course of action of Multilateral Advisory Services is aimed not only to correct execution mistakes but also to add value to the solutions that are implemented, thus, obtaining furthemore than the expected solution.