Adding value to the changes generated by the fundings of multilateral organisms of credit

Why? (Experience):

Multilateral shareholders have extensive experience in work done for multilateral organizations, collaboration with the executing agencies of international loans and other works for public and private administration.

This combination of formal experience in agencies policies and operating manuals and know how of how to make the best work about management control and information systems are what make our hallmark: be a registered mark for these projects.

The following tables (see icons) exhibits some types of background, referred primarily to domestic action for the IDB (local contracts, of other Latin American representations and of Headquarters in Washington).

Listed as a second table you can find projects for public administration, indicating those that have had funding from World Bank (IBRD), IDB or UNDP and in some cases where other agencies have organized funding outside the scope of the regular budget.

Finally you will find a value-added component of our firm: the number of projects for the private sector, which feed on our experience and the permanent international contact Dr. Rodriguez Rodriguez with professors from top US and European universities Through his forty years of academic performance.

Additionally, since 2011 we find ourselves strongly committed to the Organization of American States (OEI) in the specialized implementing government programs Argentina greatest impact on digital inclusion support: "Conectar Igualdad (Connect Equality)", "Argentina Conectada (Connected Argentina)", "Cibersalud (eHealth)","Recuperar Inclusion (Retrieve for Inclusion" with an investment of over US dollars 2.2 billion.

As a result of our interaction with the day to day of public projects in various Latin American countries, has naturally emerged a new field: facilitate the growth of several private companies in other countries in the region through collaborative work with members of our professional network, which allowed to a number of firms making their first steps in those markets, contributing at the same time to a higher bid participation on local procurement.

Our permanent knowledge update is guaranteed by the trips we made to the USA, Germany, China (including Hong Kong), Taiwan, South Korea, Thailand, Cambodia and elsewhere that have to do with the design or manufacture of technological products. We invite you to visit the different icons on the left as a mean to learn to know us.

Icons on the left side allow you to know different types of works performed by our firm. First, they refer to the internal work for the Interamerican Development Bank, second, projects for the public administration can be found pointing out those that have had financing facilities from the World Bank, IADB or UNDP and in some other cases from other entities where the financing procedure was out of the scope of the ordinary budget (some organized by us)

Finally, you can find another component of our added value: the volume of projects performed within the private area, based on our experience and the permanent international contact that Dr. Rodriguez Rodriguez has had with proffesors from the best American and European universities throughout his forty years of academic performance.