Why? (Experience): Extra added value


Adding value to the changes generated by the fundings of multilateral organisms of credit

Extra added value

Multilateral Advisory Services is not constraint to the multilateral organisms financing environment. By means of its legal frame, it has acquired vast experience by supporting the private sector, where the professional experience of its members is applied, being constantly in touch with the most prestigious domestic and foreign universities. It is also a distinctive characteristic to handle multiple financing alternatives for many of its projects.

Some of the entities where we performed our services are:

Company Main Activity
Aciso Banco Bank
ADIMRA Association of Metallurgical Industries
Aktio S.A. Information Technology
Alcoucer Consultores (España) Professional Services
Argenmotors S.A Car dealer
Arquimadera S.R.L Furniture and Decoration
Arthur Andersen Professional Services
Asatil S.A Fashion Services
ASNETWORK S.A. Information Tecnology
Aspil S.A Fashion Services
Atahualpa S.R.L Transport
Transport Electrodomestics appliances
B y B S.H Distribution
Banco Cooperativo del Este Bank
Banco Coopesur Cooperativo Ltdo. Bank
Banco de Balcarce S.A Bank
Banco de la Provincia de Jujuy Bank
Banco de la Provincia de Rio Negro Bank
Banco de la República Oriental del Uruguay (Uruguay) Bank
Banco de Previsión Social (Uruguay) Bank
Banco de Río Tercero Bank
Banco Israelita de Córdoba Bank
Banco Mercantil Argentino Bank
Banco Meridional Bank
Banco Municipal de Rosario Bank
Banco Noar Coop. Ltdo. Bank
Banco Popular Financiero Bank
Banco Saenz Bank
Banco Social de Córdoba Bank
Banco Unibanco S.A Bank
Banco Vallemar Bank
C.A River Plate Sports Club
Cadehsur S.A Hospitality Services
Cadipsa S.A Oil
Caja de Ahorro y Seguro Bank and Insurance
Caja de Crédito Floresta, Villa Luro, Vélez Financial Services
Caja de Crédito Varela Financial Services
Camuzzi Gas Pampeana Gas
Carrozzo S.A Car parts
Cater Green S.A Garden Services
Catering S.A Food
Centro de Ojos San Isidro S.A Medical
Cerebro S.A Entertainment
Cetycar S.A Tourism
Cica Productos Alimenticios S.A Mint
Cimet S.A Cables
Cinarsa S.A Professional Services
Cofibal S.A Financial Services
Complejo Teleférico Salta S.A Transport
Confecciones Brukman S.A Textil
Conidier S.A Mining
Diffusion International S.A Distribution
Dos Arroyos S.C.A Building
E.F Educación International Education
Edulectric S.A Professional Services
Empresa Nuclear Argentina de Centrales Eléctricas S.A Energy
Escribanía Dubove Legal
Establecimiento San Ignacio S.A Food
Establecimiento Sello de Oro S.A Food
Finanflower S.A Finanacial Services
Fletamar S.A Transport
Frigorífico Minguillón S.A Food
Fundación Por-Buenos Aires Foundation
Fundación Laferrere Bathroom and kitchen equip
García Villanueva y Zorzi S.A Building
Grupo Kraves Holding
Grupo Provincia Holding
Hideco S.A Metallurgy
Hughes Services S.A Oil Services
Hughes Tool Co. S.A Oil Equipment
Impsat S.A Communications
Inconas-Cinarsa UTE Professional Services
InfoBIZ Soluciones de Negocios S.A Information Technology
Ingeniería Semasi S.A Building
Itapesca S.A Food
J.B Marítima Transport
La Cabaña S.A Food
La Capital del Plata Financial Services
Latinográfica S.A Print
Lawn Care S.A Waste disposal
Lo Jack Argentina S.A Security
Los Lagartos Country Club Country
Lúa Cía de Seguros Insurance
M C María Caruso S.R.L Profesional Services
Matería Pampa S.A Food
Mantenimiento Hospitalario Hospital Maintenance
Marisag Agropecuaria S.A Farming
Matricería Austral Car parts
Maxum S.A Electrodomestic appliances
Mindri S.R.L Professional Services
Morwin S.A Metal equipment
Multifinanzas Cía Financiera Financial Services
Nakril S.A Plastic
Neolín S.A Chemical
Novelibro S.A Distribution
Nowsco Americas S.A Oil Services
Nucen S.A Bathroom and kitchen equip
Nuevo Banco Industrial de Azul Financial Services
Oppenheimer Investment Bank
Pecunia Cía Financiera Financial Services
Perales Aguiar S.A Building
Plasbestos S.A Car parts
Polarsa S.A Plastic
Practices del Río de la Plata Port Services
Productos Vilmar S.A Food
Quaker Chemical S.A Chemicals
Queiroz S.A Wood
Queppler S.A Chemical
Quimera Libros Distribution
Recilgas S.A Gas
Rivadavia S.A Electromedicine
Roberto Giordano S.A Hairdressing Services
Rütgers Pagid (Alemania) Car parts
Sanguzvel S.A (España) Fishing
Schneider Electric S.A Electrical components
Shilton, Weyers y Asociados Professional Services
Siemens S.A Electrical, IT and others
Sitea S.A Bombs and Gas Cylinders
Southern Wood S.A Wood
Sudgas S.A Gas
Talleres Grigi Services
Telam S.A Media
Telecard S.A Communications
Tisva S.A Real State
Trans Industrias Electronicas S.A. Information Technology
Tritumol S.A Chemical
Tutelar Cía Financiera Financial Services
Unicomp S.A IT
Valdimor S.A Information Tecnology
Valendam S.A Print
Villagarcía y Asociados Professional Services
Vimos S.A Retail
Yenny-El Ateneo Books
Zschimmer y Schwarz Argentina S.A Chemical