Why? (Experience): IADB Expertise


Adding value to the changes generated by the fundings of multilateral organisms of credit

Expertise related to preparation and revision of projects for the IADB

Advice during the preparation and subsequent review of projects for the IDB , and, according to the case, from the early steps of the initial operation , project tracking , middle-term reports, reformulation, project monitoring project, implementation , consideration of the Operational Plan, the procurement plan , project procurement activities, evaluations of pre-adjudication reports, and technical support on specific issues (at the request of sectorial specialists). Some of the mentioned activities were or ar being performed for:

830/OC-AR Reparation, Rehabilitation and Equipping of Basic Social Infrastructure and Basic Urban Develpment Works by Strenghthening the Municipal Capacity to Plan and Execute Social Infrastructure Projects.
899/OC-AR Provincial Agricultural Development in Argentina.
925/OC-AR Loan TC Pre-investment II.
934/OC-PR State Modernization Program.
962/OC-AR Ports Modernization Program.
979/OC-AR Fiscal Strengthening of Buenos Aires Province.
1034/OC-AR Institutionalized Support AFIP.
1068/OC-AR Integrated Development Program for Large Urban Areas in the Argentine Interior
1107/OC-AR Program of Institutional Support, Fiscal Reform and Investment Planning for the City of Buenos Aires.
1111/OC-AR Care for Children & Adolescents at Risk.
1118/OC-AR Emergency Flood Rehabilitation Program.
1143/OC-PR Pre-Investment Program.
1164/OC-PR Municipal Reform and Development Program
1193/OC-AR Primary Health-Care Reform Program: Salta, La Pampa, and Cordoba.
1201/OC-AR Technological Modernization Program.
1206/OC-AR Program for Institutional Strengthening and Foreign Trade Policy.
1253/OC-PR Fiscal Management Strengthening Program.
1279/OC-AR Institutional Strengthening of the Ministry of Foreign Relations, International Trade and Worship.
1287/OC-AR Support for Modernizing the Cordoba Provincial Government.
1294/OC-AR Border Crossings and Integration Corridors Program.
1307/OC-AR Rosario Habitat Program: Comprehensive Program for Rehabilitation of Unregulated Settlements.
1325/OC-AR Argentina Financial Services Sector Program
1341/OC-AR Sector Program in Support of the Federal Commitment to Growth and Fiscal Discipline.
1345/OC-AR Education System Improvement Program.
1353/OC-AR Project Preparation & Execution Facility.
1463/OC-AR Program to Support the Modernization of Production in the Province of Rio Negro.
1465/OC-AR Program to Support Integrated Development of the Tourism Sector in the Province of Salta.
1570/OC-AR Increase in a Line of Credit for PROPEF.
1588/OC-AR Program for Strengthening Production-Related Provincial Institutions and Fiscal Management.
1603/OC-AR Program for the Institutional Strengthening of the Argentine Senate.
1606/OC-AR "Argentina Avanza" Social Sector Program.
1640/OC-AR Program for Productive-Sector Development and Competitiveness in the Province of Mendoza.
1648/OC-AR Programa de Mejora de la Competitividad del Sector Turismo en Areas Piloto.
1669/OC-AR Support For the Plan Famlias Program - I.
1700/OC-AR Program to support Social Investment in the Province of Buenos Aires.
1715/OC-AR Development of Satellite System and Applications (PROSAT).
1855/OC-AR Municipal Strengthening Program.
1903/OC-AR Strenghtening the Basic Health Care Strategy (FEAPS).
2210/OC-AR Citizen Security and Inclusion Program.
2424/OC-AR Program to Support the Policy on Improving Equity in Education-PROMEDU II.
2499/OC-AR Development Program for Metropolitan Areas Outside the Capital.
2754/OC-AR Program for Strengthen. Provincial. Inst & Fiscal Managem. Stage II (PROFIP II).
ATN/JF – 6072-AR Geographic Information System for Road Works.
ATN/MN – 6261-AR Institutional strengthening of provincial and municipal regulatory agencies.
ATN/MT – 6357-PR Insurance Industry Reform - Paraguay.
ATN/MH – 6605-AR Labor Competencies Certification Program.
ATN/MT – 6953-AR National Network of Commercial Mediation and Arbitration Centers.
ATN/MN – 7063-AR Occupational Health and Safety Program.
ATN/SF – 7262-PR Strengthening Economic & Financial Statistics - Paraguay.
ATN/MT – 7216-PR Project Accounting Administration - Paraguay.
ATN/MH – 7355-AR Quality Standards and Certification Program.
ATN/ME – 7514-AR Consolidation of Microenterprises in Nontraditional Markets.
ATN/ME – 7956-RG-3 ICT4BUS Pilot Project (AR) - ACDI Meat Exportation.
ATN/ME – 8112-AR Program for Supply Chain Development in the Province of Cordoba.
ATN/ME – 8352-AR System for Facilitating International Market Access by Small and Medium Rural Producers.
ATN/ME – 8718-AR Local Development and Competitiveness of SMEs.
ATN/ME – 8762-AR Making Small and Medium-sized Eterprises (SMES) in the Metallurgical Sector more productive through Information and Communication Technologies (ICTS).
ATN/ME – 11369-AR Knowledge management to increase the competitiveness of farming pymes.
ART-T 1114 Support for Implementing the management infrastructure communication of different emergency 911 system in the province of Buenos Aires.
ART-T 1121 Strengthening the Management by Results in Buenos Aires.
AR-M1037 Moda Argentina: International Positioning of Argentine Design and Brands.