Why? (Experience): Public Administration


Adding value to the changes generated by the fundings of multilateral organisms of credit

Background of the services provided for the public administration (with and without external financing)

Professional expertise was provided in or for:

General Audit Office of the Nation - Banco de la Nación Argentina. Analysis of the reasonableness of the debtor classification and corresponding accrual for bad debts. Consecutive contracts during 4 years
Government of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. Review of electronic security plan. Proposed improvements plan.
Córdoba Municipality Central market supply of Cordoba City: Flow analysis, procedures reformulation and generation of new procedure for changes in controls and allow tax withholdings. Analysis procedures as part of a study on the impact of the Y2K issue.
Rosario Municipality Feasibility analysis of an Exhibition Centre (Rio Expo) on the River Corridor to Brazil. Definition analysis of a Master Plan for the idle real estate of the Municipality.
BA.NA.DE - National Development Bank (worth under settlement) Preparation of terms of reference for the acquisition of a new information system.Performance analysis of the information system. Audit of the conversion and testing (Y2K) of the computer systems. Contingency plan development for the computer systems.
Agentine Federal Police Department Design of Layout, developing of technical specifications and technical direction of structured cabling (voice, image and data) for Div. Mutual Services, provisioning of switches, racks ans similar materials, installation, antisniffing programming, design of layout and technical direction of uninterrupted electrical supply for the Data Center. Analysis of changes, replacements and other administrative adjustments suitable to merge previously separate administrations. Development of the new information system for the division Mutual Services. Comprehensive digitalization project of the General Registry of Members. It has included design, supply of hardware, software, monitoring of implementation. Backups administration. Divisional Main Server provisioning , implementation and operation (Windows Server, SQL Server, mirroring implementation). Maintenance. Design and implementation of an intelligent control system CCTV (includes smart domes, motion sensors, photocells, unauthorized entry alarms, lack of signal multiplexers, splitters). Subsequent maintenance. Design and supervision of manufacturing and installation of a soundproof enclosure for electrical installations (UPS, f.e.) Development of new functions and procedures manuals for Mutual Services Division, proceedings related to the unification of the sectors: Affiliations, Mutual Aid, Housing and Tourism. Restructuration of racks organization. VLAN Implementation.
Ministry of Social Development.Strengthening the integration of social policy of the Ministry in the territory - ARG 008/002 UNDP. Conceptual project review. Contributions for improvement. Review of IT processes. Management reports preparation.
Secretary of Mining - Mining Environmental Management for Sustainable Production ARG 07/008 UNDP. Consultations with the UNDP New York office to unlock direct contracting. Design of New Model specifications for various acquisitions types. Processes tracking.
Buenos Aires Central Market Corporation. Technical proposal preparation for integral services privatization.
Buenos Aires Province Auditing Entities (979/OC-AR IADB loan) Institutional Strengthening of the Province control systems through the development of organizational manuals, methodological manuals, and evaluation guidelines. Internal Reviews manuals, procedures changes and intensive training of the involucrated personnel.
Argentine Army - General Lemos Army Academy. Design and implementation of the control system for incorporation of applicants, including automatical integration of the whole process (tests generation and correction, medical examinations, context information). Enhancement of the previous system.
San Fernando Municipality (96-06 UNDP) Publicity and Propaganda Duty (Tribute): Comprehensive Survey, Assessment of Tax Base, Procedures and Systems Analysis, Development of Alternatives to the system and Recommendations to improve Collectability. Health and Safety Duty (Tribute)Debugging of database and taxpayer identification methodology: Analysis of existing data, Crossing Data Retrieval, Methodologies for control circuits and permanent update.
Argentine Army - General Staff Command Technical support, including migration from main-frame, applications development.
Tigre Municipality (96/006 UNDP) Comprehensive Systems Plan Design, including Organic and Functional Areas, Production Survey, qualitative analysis of Service Areas (IT Support) Update Plan for Hardware and Software (operating systems and applications) Training Plan for Data Center employees, Design of Variable Compensation basis.
Catamarca Province Government - Bank of Catamarca. Analysis of assets constituents (confidence degree) prior to the bank's privatization tasks. Comments on procedures.
Buenos Aires Province Government. Analysis of the existing situation in the involved agencies, system design for the generation of a unified database of laws, regulations and other provisions in the overall scope of the Archives of the Province, Legislature, Supreme Court, Official Gazette and Provincial Departments.
Buenos Aires - conglomerate of suburban municipalities. Follow-up of georefenciation needs by 96/006 UNDP)
Buenos Aires Province - Hospital Estévez Design and implementation of a control system of inputs and outputs of drugs. Statistical analysis system. Buenos Aires Province - Government Accouting Office (3280/AR BIRF loan). Executive Project Document Development for the Administrative Modernization, Adequacy of Standards, Systems and Procedures, new features for Employment and Training.
Buenos Aires Province - ARBA (Buenos Aires Tax Collection Office) ARG 08/029 UNDP. TICs Coordination of the Institutional Development.
Buenos Aires Province - Official Gazette. Analysis and design of a system for update automatization, database maintenance and consultation of the required to be published information.
Arroyo Seco Municipality (Santa Fe Province) Study for the privatization of the Municipal Cadastre: organization, responsibilities, implications for the municipal budget. Preliminary study for the creation of an industrial promotion area in Arroyo Seco: economic analysis, direct and indirect effects in the short, medium and long term. Feasibility Study of Load Transfer Platform, estimates of increased revenues through capturing neighbor traffic. Reformulation of the use of existing port: incorporation of fiscal control offices and other complementary uses as part of the program for improving municipal finance. Preliminary analysis of a Cleanup Platform for Freight vehicles, determining the potential volume applicable fee.